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Official Launch of SportsBit Ltd.

Apr-28-2020 04:41:43 PM

A new company breaks into the market by launching its financial services at the beginning of this week, the SportsBit company has launched its operations and opened its doors to the public.

SportsBit offers two investment plans for its clients, which include daily earnings, direct and without any requirement, this new system has been consolidated thanks to the combination of skills on the part of the team, in the new sector of the gaming and e-Sports world.

"We have a huge market to explore, every day millions move in related transactions in the online entertainment sector, we are in a bullish trend in this new financial market, and we are making new strategic investments to generate profits for our members," said Herb. Schultz, CEO of SportsBit

SportsBit users can make daily withdrawals from their accounts depending on the investment plan used, on the other hand they also have the opportunity to generate parallel profits with the two-level referral system that is presented as a great opportunity for extra income.

“Our goal is to have 10,000 clients in the 6 months. We will also seek to expand through popular online sector channels such as sponsoring popular streamers, and a first for the market, we are in talks to sponsor important teams that will participate in future tournaments such as The Dota 2 2020 International, which is seen by millions of people. only on the Twitch platform, we are conducting the necessary negotiations ”said Herb Schultz

As for customer service, we have a team of representatives who will be waiting for you to contact them with any questions that need to be resolved.

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